Friday, 3 July 2015


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This blog version gathers the chapters under one convenient roof. Most of the work on each chapter involved formatting. Chapters operated under their own peculiar blog regimes. Minor alterations were called for during editing, mainly in the cause of consistency.
   All original authors are credited. The shifting nature of the blogosphere precludes hyperlinking to everyone. Blogs shimmer and change. People disappear. (Hence this archival vault.)


When KACEY VANDERKARR held me at gunpoint invited me to join her in the BLOGVEL, I checked out the first BLOGVEL generated by Michelle Simkins and Co. I fervently believe that BLOGVEL is, and remains, a Hungarian dish. There is no evidence to the contrary.
   What is a BLOG NOVEL? It’s a literary game of pass-the-parcel. (Though the music doesn’t stop.) The first author creates the opening and closing chapters. Lunatics Authors sign up for the game, and carry the story around, hot-potato style, until the work is done. The main challenge is to avoid introducing a dinosaur as soon as chapter one’s relay-baton hands off to chapter two’s author.

BLOOM. Blog Listing.

Chapter 1 – Greenwoman. (Michelle Simkins.)
Chapter 2 – The Creativity Rebellion. (Delisa Carnegie.)
Chapter 3 – Writer, Writer, Pants on Fire. (Mindy McGinnis.)
Chapter 4 – Jello World. (J. Lea Lopez.)
Chapter 5 – Report from a Fugitive. (RLL.)
Chapter 6 – Words from the Woods. (Cat Woods.)
Chapter 7 – Kay Elam Writes. (Kay Elam.)
Chapter 8 – Kacey Vanderkarr.
Chapter 9 – Inner Owlet. (Ashlee Supinger.)
Chapter 10 – The Demeter Diaries. (Jennifer Merritt.)
Chapter 11 – Tighty Writie. (Kellie Manasseri.)
Chapter 12 – Suzanne Payne.
Chapter 13 – Verbose Veracity. (E.F. Jace.)
Chapter 14 – Jack-a-Dreams. (Jack Vivace.)
Chapter 15 – Word by Word. (Stephanie Pace.)
Chapter 16 – Greenwoman. (Michelle Simkins.)